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Are you getting the best from your creative agency?

Getting the best from your creative agency shows colleague in meeting

Working with a creative agency should be enjoyable. You should feel a weight lift off your shoulders as you move a project off your to-do list and hand it over to your agency, trusting that they will surprise and delight you.

But have you ever had a different experience? An agency that just doesn’t quite deliver what you had in mind, deadlines are missed, and budgets go wildly out of control?

Creative agencies can do wonderful things for your brand or project, helping you succeed in your role, reach your targets, and grow your business or function. But if you haven’t had much experience working with agencies, you might not always know how to get the most from them.

Following a 3-step approach will get you off to a good start, help keep things on track, and ensure the best results.  

1. Getting the brief right – this is where you and your agency discuss the scope of the project and agree timings and costs. It’s important for an agency to understand the background, objectives, audiences, key messages and creative mandatories.

Top tip: It’s well worth involving your agency early as they will be able to give strategic input, communications advice, digital ideas, new creative angles and help you decide formats and deliverables.

2. The creative process – this is when the magic happens! Your goals and objectives are turned into engaging creative deliverables; from copy and concept, through design and production to delivery of final material.

Top tip: Always get sign-off by senior stakeholders at each key step, before progressing to the next. Changes made after sign-off and when your agency has started the design process, SharePoint build or video animation is likely to impact budget.

3. Debrief – after the fun of the creative, it’s time to reconcile the budget, prepare the final invoice and regroup to look for lessons learned.

Top tip: Like all relationships, you get out what you put into your relationship with your agency. Regroup at the end of the project to discuss what went well and how it could be improved on from either side. This investment of time will make sure you get even better results next time you work together.

Need more help?

If you need a Fresh approach to your communications challenges, drop us a line. We’re always happy to lend an ear or a hand.

For more tips on getting the best from your creative agency, download our full guide and bullet-proof briefing template. We never take a brief without it!