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10 tips for professional video on mobile

tips for professional video Smart phone on stand

Tips for professional video on mobile, smartphone or digital camera from the Fresh team, helping you make awesome content.

Video content is great, isn’t it?  Especially in today’s world where face-to-face interaction is a luxury. Video is a quick way to get the message across, simplify the complex and bring a dry subject to life. And it’s cheap because anyone with a phone can do it, right?

Yes to all of the above. But (and it’s a big ‘but’), poorly lit, out-of-focus, inaudible or just plain boring videos will have your audience switching off in their droves.

So we’re agreed: video is great if it’s done well. However, getting good video content is a tougher job for internal communicators these days. We’re more reliant on colleagues producing selfie-videos, whereas in the past we’d have probably had the option to take the video ourselves or send a videographer.

Many colleagues might understandably lack the confidence, experience or expertise to create good video content themselves.

So, the Fresh team has put together our 10 top tips for producing professional-looking video on pretty much any mobile device, Android, iPhone and digital camera. These are based on years of experience producing videos (often from less-than-ideal footage!) Our tips will help you produce awesome videos yourself, as well as being a useful guide to share with any leaders and employees who might be doing a selfie so they avoid some of the common pitfalls.

The tips cover everything from sound and lighting to planning ahead and using cue cards instead of reading from a script.

We hope you find them useful – let us know how you get on. And if you’ve got any top tips of your own, please share them with us. Happy filming!