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How we took global leaders away from their desks… even during lockdown

The covid-19 pandemic has brought employee wellbeing right to the forefront of internal communications – for colleagues at every level. So, when our client had a team anniversary coming up, we wanted to help them celebrate in a meaningful way.

Change things up

The brief was to take eleven global leaders away from their usual work and meeting setting and provide an experience out of the norm. As the leaders were based in ten different countries, some of which were still in severe lockdown, this experience had to be delivered remotely.

Learn and share

We suggested a virtual art class as it’s an activity that people can do individually, but alongside one another, and is suitable for a variety of abilities. It took people out of their usual work mode ­– even if they couldn’t leave their homes. And gave them all an opportunity to learn something new and share the outcomes and benefits of taking a break from the day-to-day with their wider teams.

Reflect and celebrate

Before the art class, we asked these leaders to reflect on their team’s achievements and learnings over the last year and submit words or short phrases to summarise them. We then used these typographically to create an anniversary logo that would help to instill pride and satisfaction throughout the team.

Make space for creativity

On the day of the 90-minute art class, the participants set up the kit we’d sent them in a space away from their desk. An art teacher then took them through the lesson and supported each of them to produce an individual floral watercolour painting. We used these paintings to create a personalised team anniversary logo for each leader that they and their country team can use in communications.

Fantastic feedback

The leaders involved absolutely loved the session. Some said it felt like meditation and others said they felt as free as they did in first grade. And the client was so pleased with the experience the leaders enjoyed, and the logo outputs, they gave us an award that recognises the work of external partners.

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