We’ve partnered with Mondelēz International (MDLZ) for more than 11 years. With operations in 80+ countries, multinational confectionery, food, and beverage company MDLZ employs around 80,000 people across its manufacturing sites, offices, research and development facilities, and distribution activities.

The brief

MDLZ asked Fresh Communication to create and deliver a strategic change campaign to support its rollout of Ping MFA (a cloud-based multi-factor authentication tool) which would replace and expand on its previous MFA tool.

The goal was to ensure the MDLZ environment and employees’ personal data are protected against malicious activity while complying with GDPR and other regulations. Ping MFA would be enabled for key HR, technology, and procurement systems and then rolled out to 200+ further applications.

The communications objective was to clearly articulate the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ to MDLZ’s global audience, using simplicity of messaging to overcome objections and ensure compliance

The challenge

Overcoming objections: MDLZ had previously used a different authentication app, but uptake had been incredibly low. Our launch had to ‘reset’ employees’ concerns about multifactor authentication and successfully differentiate Ping MFA from the previous tool by articulating its flexibility for employees to choose from several possible methods and devices when they use it – thereby achieving important data protection targets.

The approach

We seconded a Fresh consultant to work alongside the MDLZ change and internal comms team, and she created and delivered a global strategy to:

  • Engage and empower stakeholders and employee influencers.
  • Use a multi-language omni-channel approach to tailor country and team-specific messaging and activities.
  • Implement a phased communication plan, beginning with awareness and successfully leading to behaviour change.
  • Monitor results and adapt local activities as needed.
  • Prepare reports and ongoing advice for senior leaders.

The results

MDLZ is delighted with uptake of Ping MFA.

The omni-channel campaign approach successfully reached, engaged, and trained MDLZ’s global employee base and stats continue to show increasing sign ups to the tool. Global engagement metrics at launch

Week one: 10,936 people setup.

Month one: 23,371 people set up

Total device setups (month one): 42,929

These metrics contrast profoundly from engagement and interaction with the previous authenticator app.

The introduction of Ping MFA is of utmost importance to MDLZ – to ensure the security of our data environment and our employees. We knew it would be a complex programme, needing careful strategic and tactical management. Our partnership with Fresh Communication, and specifically the dedicated attention of Lorna Webley, our lead IC consultant from Fresh, gave us complete confidence that our goals would be met. From strategic design to stakeholder engagement and end0user activation, Lorna and the Fresh team offered thoughtful proven methods to enable clarity of messaging, consistency of materials, and robust end-to-end campaign delivery. The results speak for themselves - incredible levels of engagement and compliance, with users reporting an ‘easy and intuitive’ setup experience.