2050 Sustainability –
Environmental Social & Governance

Our client wanted to inspire employees with an ambitious 2050 sustainability strategy, and to engage them specifically with its Ocean Fund commitment, and Net Zero ambition and targets.

Fresh created easy-to-share collateral for use by local teams in their communications. These could be used in their entirety or sectioned up in a variety of ways, so tailoring communications to different audiences and embedding messaging through repetition in numerous formats over time.

The brief

Collateral would need to become the ‘go-to’ resources that all employees could use locally to explain the sustainability initiatives and actions to their teams during a planned communications campaign. Creative design would need to be powerful, moving, and informative to bring to life complex initiatives and inspire employees to contribute via their role and function.

The challenge

Fresh had to meet a very tight deadline to coincide with a company announcement. In addition, Net Zero is a common phrase these days but remains a complex topic. And having goals that stretch almost 30 years to 2050 isn’t typical, so it would be a challenge to engage employees and instil confidence in the roadmap.

The approach

Fresh created an interactive infographic to explain the path forward and high-level areas of focus, in a format that enabled information to be presented in easily digestible, bite-sized pieces for maximum understanding.

We also produced an emotive and informative video, including senior leader vox pops to show ‘from the top’ commitment, and a rallying cry for joining the ‘Race to Net Zero’: We’re ready. We’re in. We’re on it, to galvanise employees and incite action to make it happen.

The results

The video has been widely shared across different channels, generating a reach of 88,000+ views and 5,136 engagements (including comments, likes and shares). This is a clear indication that these efforts to inform, inspire and help employees understand the sustainability ambition and strategy worked well.