LEO Pharma, the den
Intranet portal

Our client wanted to ensure colleagues were set up for success ahead of a new product launch, that would see their US domestic field salesforce double in size. Fresh created an intuitive online SharePoint portal called the den where training materials, tools and resources are easy to find, and new hires can follow an onboarding journey. Communication and information sharing across teams is now much more efficient and consistent, saving LEO Pharma thousands in implementation costs.

The brief

The portal needed to be multi-purpose and house a wide variety of resources, including training materials, onboarding documents, selling models, business analytics, corporate details, useful quick links, and information to help sales team members engage effectively with healthcare professionals.

The challenge

With so much content, it would be essential for users to find the right information quickly and easily, with one click. To grow with the company’s needs, the portal would also need to be built on a platform that was cost efficient and scalable, as well as being accessible on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The approach

Building the portal in SharePoint, we kept the structure and design scheme clean and simple, yet attractive, interesting, and engaging. Bold tiles and clear headers defined and signposted each area and ensured the tools and resources were easy to find. We also created strong graphics to lead users through interactive, step-by-step learning journeys.

To encourage regular visits, we added a dashboard providing updated sales stats each week, and a page to houe all the consumer promotional materials.

The results

Following a communications campaign, with video, to enthuse sales teams about the possibilities offered by the new portal, over 150 people and 15 new hires completed their training in the first few weeks. And in the first 90 days there were 10,462 site visits from 161 unique viewers.

“It is a great website and tool for everyone in the company. It is so easy to navigate and there are so many useful items at one’s fingertips; you have really done an outstanding job!”
LEO Pharma salesforce team member