Creative communication of a change management program

Tackling inconsistent and complicated systems or processes that impact the bottom line is a priority for many businesses today. And it can be a challenge to engage employees in the change needed, especially if the subject is dry and complex. Mondelēz International faced such a challenge with the GMCS project to enable more effective budget and supplier management. Fresh supported this change with strategic communication and creative design.

The brief

We defined a communication strategy and executed activities, including an intranet and a campaign, to proactively engage employees. Our studio created an engaging and reassuring design, combining tonal, cheerful colours, simple iconography, clean layouts, and white space to allow for easy reading and quick understanding.

The challenge

A diverse range of channels and activities with tailored execution were needed to reach 2,000 impacted employees spread around the globe, across functions and impacted with varying degrees dependent on location, role, and local operating model.

The approach

  • During planning, audience insight determined what employees needed to ‘know, feel and do’ – while answering the key question of ‘what does this mean for me?’
  • Leaders became ‘influencers’, demonstrating ‘from the top’ commitment, as well as helping their teams understand the change.
  • Visual interpretation featured heavily, enhanced by clear and simple copy, for easy comprehension and quick reference – as well as easy translation across multiple languages.

The results

Audience feedback was gathered throughout the roll-out of the project and incorporated into the overall change plan to ensure engagement.

Within three months, 90% of impacted employees had adopted the change. And, despite the complex project implementation, few issues were raised which confirmed the communication had been effective.