Sarel Greyling

Sarel Greyling

Location: Paarl, South Africa

Work: I am blessed with a ‘good eye’ and so gained 20 years’ experience in the creative divisions of international magazine brands in Cape Town. These years taught me valuable lessons in layout and art direction, also problem solving of creative challenges. The leap into freelance since April 2019 has been most rewarding, with the cherry on the cake – being invited into the Fresh experience in the recent year.

What do you love most about your job / what you do?
Good communication at Fresh is consistent and key, upskill is the vibe here and variation in tasks makes frequent work most enjoyable.

What’s great about working with Fresh?
Never have I learnt so much at one job in such a short time.

Any interesting (not necessarily work-related) skills, talents, or facts about you?
I can move my ears without moving the rest of my face – can you?
I paint with plasticine.

Favourite food?
My wife’s plant-based smoothies first thing in the morning, home-made gluten-free lasagne

Favourite pastime / activity?
If not swimming, hiking in nature with my household

Favourite TV show?
Downton Abbey, for the 4th time