Sona Sales

Sona Sales

Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Work: A fan of glossy magazines for years, I’ve spent most of my career as an art director in the publishing and content marketing industries in Cape Town and London. I’ve been a designer with Fresh since 2019 and love the variety of work that comes my way. No two days or jobs are ever the same and the broad skillset of the team means we all bounce around ideas and learn from each other. In my spare time I am a serial hobbyist and have tried everything from knitting and crocheting, to making leather accessories and silversmithing.

My inspiration?
The South African landscape.

My favourite food?
Toast with smashed avocado.

Favourite pastime?
Sitting in the sun (but only when it’s not too hot).

Best book I’ve read?
Anything written by Sue Townsend.