Nicky Quinnell

Nicky Quinnell

Location: Kent, UK

Work: Co-founded a successful FM startup in 2001, where I spent two decades honing my business management and accounting skills.

What do you love most about what you do?
The satisfaction of seeing that I’ve made a positive difference.

Hidden talent?
I’m a campanologist (a church bell ringer) and participate in one the UK’s loudest hobbies. It’s weirdly addictive!

Best place you’ve ever visited?
Istanbul. Where Asia meets Europe, it has everything; amazing architecture, history and culture, fantastic food, shopping and a vibrant nightlife.

Favourite food?
Cake, I’m obsessed. I’m a big baker, so there will always be fresh cake, even if the fridge is empty.

Top of your bucket list? 
To win the Great British Bake Off!