Nicky Westbrook

Nicky Westbrook

Location: Kent, UK

Work: After two decades as an advertising copywriter and creative director in Cape Town and London, I stumbled into internal comms and realised that here was an area where I could really make a difference. The rest is Fresh history. I feel luckier than I deserve, doing work I enjoy with the amazing Fresh team every day. We’ve always been virtual, so geography doesn’t limit our talent pool or our client base – and we make our own hours, so there’s always time to help with homework or open a bottle of bubbles.

Favourite activity?
I’d love to say sky diving or potholing, but I’m really not adventurous. Truth is, I’m never happier than when reading a good book.

Things that inspire me?
My two boys; they find joy in everything, and make me laugh even when I should be telling them off.

Top of my bucket list?
To write a novel.

Proudest achievement?
Learning to ski at 50. Not bad for someone who’s scared of heights and trips over her own shadow.