Sustainable Commercial Solutions (SCS) – a leading sustainability consultancy for commercial real estate – approached us for a full rebrand. They wanted to change their name, their logo and their tone of voice, moving from the colours and descriptors traditionally used by the sustainability sector, to a distinct brand personality that embodied all the factors of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG). This meant losing the green leaf, slab font and natural imagery of their original brand, and creating something that would resonate more with their target audience of senior decision makers in large corporates.

The brief

To come up with a name, logo and suite of marketing materials that would define the company within the ESG sector and appeal to business leaders in the corporate world. Something that conveyed trust and security, and demonstrated how the brand understood the combined importance of sustainability, compliance and profitability.


The challenge

It’s always hard to name someone else’s business. The SCS team were passionate about their brand and what they stood for, and the name had to mean something to each of them. Similarly, the brand collateral had to be something that stood out in a sector becoming ever more crowded and competitive.


The approach

Once we had agreed the new name – EVORA Global – the entire brand started falling into place. The logo – a deconstructed E – was based on the lines and angles of a building floorplan, which is at the root of the business offering. The elements of the E can be used as separate elements as a holding device or graphic shape. The brand colours capture the brand essence – navy (business, finance), steel (structure, stability), sky (environment) and earth (trust). All images, words and compositions were chosen to convey EVORA’s expertise in making real estate more sustainable, compliant and profitable for organisations. This whole brand personality was captured in a suite of materials – from brochures to website.


The results

The brand has gone from success to success, and now incorporates two sub-brands that we created to fit with the master brand – SIERA, their bespoke software, and EVORA EDGE, the engineering division.