Lorna Webley

Lorna Webley

Location: Buckinghamshire, UK

Work: My earlier career was in PR and employee magazines, and I’ve specialised in change and internal communications for over 20 years. I joined Fresh in 2015, managing change and communications on several global initiatives. I love the diversity of the Fresh team and being able to set the scene by developing the strategy but also getting involved in rolling out some of the tactical elements. When not at work, you’ll find me at the racetrack as I’m a real petrol head, or shopping for ‘quirky’ fashion and shoes!

In my spare time?
If not at the racetrack, I’ll be hiking or doing yoga.

My favourite book?
It has to be Clan of the Cave Bears by Jean M Auel.

My special place?
Thailand is the best place I’ve ever been to.

Top of my bucket list?
I’d love to get to Bali one day.