Laura Silcock

Laura Silcock

Location: Leeds, UK

Work: I started out in PR and had lots of fun promoting clients ranging from Puma to BT. It was the writing I really loved – the fact that well-written copy can make a tangible difference by changing how people feel, think and behave. So, in 2009, I left PR behind to focus on copywriting and brand voice. I joined Fresh in 2015 and really enjoy learning about so many different industries, organisations and cultures.

Favourite food?
Bean stew and peanut butter blondies.

My happy place?
The Amalfi Coast. I’d just got engaged so it was particularly dreamy!

Unusual talents or skills?
I can do a rock-solid headstand (and so could my dad until he was 73).

How people describe me?
I’d say I’m curious – my husband says I ask too many questions!