Bianca Beneke

Bianca Beneke

Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Work: I’ve been in advertising for over 15 years, working on a diverse range of brands. I’ve worked on everything from print to web to motion graphics and I enjoy all of it. I love being creative at work but also at home. If I can paint something, glue something or re-arrange something, I’m super happy.

What do you love most about your job / what you do?
I love creating things, and turning a brief into a project that I can be proud of.

What’s great about working with Fresh?
Everybody is so organised, friendly and helpful, even though we are virtual, our communication is flawless.

What inspires you?
Not to sound cliché but I do enjoy nature, being outside, fresh air, sunshine…it’s just so good for the soul.

Favourite book? 
Anything with a good murder mystery plot. 

Best place you’ve ever visited?