Stevin Marshall

Stevin Marshall
Project Manager

Location: East Sussex, UK

Work: After many years working as a hairdresser I made the change first into technical education, then account manager and then key account manager & joint business planner for the largest manufacturer of salon professional hair products in the world. After five years of this, an opportunity in project management opened up with Fresh and here I am, loving the new role and learning new skills. It’s never too late to learn new things!

What do you love most about your job / what you do?
Taking what I was doing in the hairdressing world and applying it to a new arena, while also learning new and exciting skills.

Hidden talents?
I am a mine of totally useless information, I can walk a coin across the back of my hand, I can imitate the sound of Donald Duck sneezing and I once managed to roll a car going UP a steep hill!

Favourite film?
That’s a VERY long list. I would have to answer by genre. I watch 2-3 films a day!

Favourite books?
Anything by Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaimen, Stephen Fry, Lee Childs and Alan Moore

Best place you’ve ever visited?
Don’t know if it’s the best place but certainly the most memorable was Las Vegas. They have taken weird to a whole new level. It’s where I saw a 24-hour taxidermist with a drive-thru window!