Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones
Senior Consultant

Location: Hemel Hempstead UK

Work: Sarah has 25 years comms/corporate affairs experience to Board level with extensive pharma, healthcare communications and patient advocacy. She’s led UK, EMEA, & global programmes, launches, and M&A comms for organisations including Abbott, AbbVie, Astellas, AstraZeneca, BMS, GSK medical devices, Janssen & Johnson & Johnson, the NHS & DHL. She’s also a qualified leadership, career and team coach, which plays to her proactive, solutions-focused mindset!

What do you love most about your job / what you do?
Solving the right issues, identifying the issues clients have, or may think they have, and finding solutions to resolve them that make a tangible, measurable difference to the client.

What’s great about working with Fresh?
I enjoy the flexibility and can do attitude.

Hidden talents?
I used to be an extreme technical diver and cave diver, diving to 120 m and long cave dives lasting hours. I am a qualified laughter yoga and gibberish facilitator – sounds weird but both have health benefits!

What inspires you?
People overcoming adversity to achieve something incredible for society

Favourite food?
Thai food

Favourite film?

Favourite pastime / activity?

Favourite TV show?
Brooklyn 99

Favourite book?
The Green Mile

Best place you’ve ever visited?
Vanuatu, South Pacific

Top of your bucket list?
Not sure of the question but more flexibility of time and maintaining my spiritual practises.