Michelle Jamieson

Michelle Jamieson

Location: Bournemouth, UK

Work: I’ve worked in creative marketing agencies since 2003, and still get excited by complex and challenging client briefs. I enjoy leading our teams to find the best solution and supporting clients through the process. The Fresh team are virtual and global but they’re more connected, responsive and capable than any office-based team I’ve worked with. That’s down to the experience across the business and everyone’s can-do attitude. I’m from Glasgow originally and I’ve been making my way down the UK until I finally settled (for now) on the south coast!

Best place you’ve visited?
Too many to name but my tour of Southeast Asia in 2019 was amazing.

Favourite pastime?
Anywhere by the sea, on my bike or walking with my family.

Top of your bucket list?
Next on my list of places to visit is South Korea – my best friend has just moved there!

What inspires you?
I love partnering with inspiring businesses and people to deliver exciting projects together.