Anthony Benvenuto

Anthony Benvenuto

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Work: I’ve always been attracted to creativity, people, and challenges. I opened my own restaurant at 26. Two years later I moved to the UK and spent 15 years as an IT Project Manager in East Sussex. When I moved back to South Africa with my family, I started a business manufacturing and supplying artisanal pies to the retail industry. Recently I opened another manufacturing operation that exports salt infused with wine and natural herbs and spices to America and the East. All this, while supporting Fresh Communication as Digital Project Manager, helping this awesome team to deliver innovative digital projects for clients around the globe.

What inspires me?
Designing and creating food. It’s always amazing to see how people can transform a simple ingredient into something that not only looks beautiful but tastes incredible. It is an art!

Favourite activity?

Top of my bucket list?
To go on a surfing safari on a private charter to Bali, then through the Indonesian Islands on to Fiji and then finishing in Hawaii, this might take 6 months – can’t be rushing this 😀