Aideen Doherty

Aideen Doherty

Location: Cyprus

Work: Aideen has almost two decades of marketing communications experience, working both agency side and in-house globally. Throughout her career she has been fascinated both personally and professionally in the future of work and the power of internal communications and employee engagement to help humanise a brand and create an agile workforce. She joined Fresh so that she could exclusively focus on this area of communications and help organisations and the people within those organisations excel.


What do you love most about your job / what you do?
The creative license to help teams within organisations communicate better and to show them what a positive difference, thoughtful, open and purpose-led communications can have.

What’s great about working with Fresh?
It is a women owned and powered brand. Being surrounded by smart, multi-tasking, creative, kind and considerate people has a positive effect on how I perform and feel about myself too.

Favourite food?
Aloo Palak, Indian dish (I was brought up on a farm so I’ve been veggie since I was eight years old.)

Favourite film?
Anything with Melissa Mc Carthy in it, such as The Heat, she can really make me laugh. Or any kind of cheesy Christmas movie.

Favourite book?
Imagine It Forward by Beth Comstock, it teaches us how to be a positive change agent personally and professionally.

Top of your bucket list?
Hot air balloon ride.