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New year, new brand? Why you should consider a rebrand in 2018

We hear it from all and sundry at this time of year, as the Facebook statuses, Instagram selfies and, sometimes, even in cards and letters proudly proclaim, “New year, new Me!” 

The idea may be sound, and on the rare occasion they actually follow through, but the reality is that it’s usually a short-lived transformation, as the ‘old me’ resurfaces after about a month. Although a personal ‘rebrand’ is far easier said than done, and perhaps unnecessary in many cases (let’s face it, subtle consistent improvement is more realistic than a complete reinvention of self), when it comes to rebranding your business the process is far more straightforward and realistic, and considerable benefits of doing so simply cannot be overlooked.

If you think your brand is feeling a little stale, or doesn’t quite reflect the evolution of your business over the years, perhaps 2018 is the perfect time to rebrand. And if you’re sitting on the fence, here are a few key benefits you should consider:

Open your business up to new customers

The contemporary marketplace is ever-changing, with customer needs becoming more complex and competition becoming fiercer. The longer your brand is in the public eye, the more likely you are to build a loyal customer base, as said customers grow to trust your business and find comfort in the familiar. Unfortunately, this also makes it harder to attract new customers, particularly amongst the younger generations, as these individuals tend to gravitate towards brands that are new, exciting and innovative. 

So, whilst your brand might be at the cutting-edge of innovation internally, the perception of the brand may be old and dated. A rebrand could be the breath of fresh air to turn your business into the shiny new plaything that new-age customers are searching for. And, of course, if you do the rebrand right, you will retain your loyal, established customers.

Show the world your evolution

Every business needs a certain agility and flexibility in their internal structures and processes, in order to keep up with the requirements of their customers and the markets in which they operate. With strong competition, more informed and opinionated customers and regulatory requirements to keep your business on its toes, if you fall behind, you won’t survive long.

Over the years in your business’ lifecycle, you’ve no doubt had to change, improve and evolve to keep up with the pace of the market, so, whilst you may be thriving internally and you customers happy, you still have the same old logo, the same tired brand colours and the yearly newsletter with the gaudy, outdated font and imagery; to the outside world, your brand looks like it’s been left behind.

Having a brand-new hybrid engine hidden inside a banged up old Vauxhall isn’t going to impress the contemporary car enthusiast, and it certainly won’t endear your ride to new customers. In many cases, the best way to have your external brand image reflect your modern internal processes, is through a rebrand.

Keep your competition in check 

The growth and evolution of your business will inevitably result in improved capabilities and competencies, as you get better and more efficient at what you do. Unfortunately, in the global marketplace, your competitors are probably doing just the same, and there will come a point where you struggle to differentiate your business, and its product/service offering from that of your competition. 

When you reach this point, you may be forced to compete purely on price, which is never ideal, as you’re forced to drive your costs lower and lower to remain competitive. However, sometimes a rebrand is an alternate method of differentiation. A rebrand is an effective way to find your unique voice, face and ethos, and broaden your appeal in the market. It’s also a chance to connect with your customers on a deeper level than simply offering a product or service, it’s a chance to weave a brand story and persona with which your customers can identify and resonate. 

Think you’re ready for a Fresh start to 2018?

Making the decision to refresh or rebrand your business is only the first step in a process that can be long and arduous, if you aren’t quite sure how to approach the change and ensure it resonates throughout the business. Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about rebranding! 

Fresh has led and assisted in some of the most exciting and successful rebrands across a diverse spectrum of brands and industries, helping to breathe new life into tired brands, bring dated brands into the new age and instill organisation-wide change and evolution in some of the most challenging corporate giants.

We are specialists in Branding, Rebranding, Brand Growth, Strategy and Change management, and much more. With our experience and competency in every area of organisational change we are able to lead, assist, or advise throughout the rebranding process, from conception, to strategic planning, implementation and follow-through, to ensure the change is effective, lasting and instilled throughout all divisions and areas of your business.

Still perched firmly on the fence? Check out our recent full rebrand of Sustainable Commercial Solutions, a leading independent sustainability consultancy that trusted us with a complete rebirth of their entire brand, from the full look and feel and logo, to the name: Evora. 

Or perhaps our brand refresh for CGA, a company with a prestigious 16-year pedigree that decided it was time to breathe new energy into their brand  by updating and modernising their logo.

So, if you’re ready to get Fresh and talk rebranding in 2018, drop us a line and let’s start the conversation. It may be the best business decision you’ll ever make!