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Know your audience

Who are your target audience? It may seem an obvious point, but it’s something that is frequently overlooked in marketing planning.

A detailed knowledge and understanding of your target audience is one of the fundamental stages of any effective marketing strategy.  Here are our top tips for understanding your target audience:

1)      Research – Don’t assume you know who your audience are – make sure you’ve done your research.

2)      Understand – A detailed knowledge of your audience helps you understand what’s going to influence their decision-making.

3)      Messaging – Your product or service needs to answer a need or want of your audience – do you know what that is?

4)      Plan – Design a plan around your audience. What do they see or do on a daily basis; how do they consume and interact with media?

5)      Review – Have you evaluated your target audience recently? Consider whether they have changed since your last planning.

Establishing this detailed understanding of your audience can support a more focussed and therefore more effective marketing strategy. Have you reviewed your target audience recently?