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11 Nov 2016

Businesses are so preoccupied with creating amazing marketing campaigns and building robust communication plans to engage with their valued customers, that many overlook another extremely important aspect of their communication strategy: Internal Communication.

Whilst effective external communication is essential – after all, keeping your customers happy and engaged is your first priority – it should not come at the expense of your internal communication. It’s crucial to remember that your employees are perhaps your most valuable assets, and if they feel they’re being neglected or overlooked, it can have disastrous consequences for the business.

Before delving too deeply into the topic, let’s take a step back and define what it is.

Internal Communication encompasses official information (making an obvious distinction between this and informal communication amongst employees or colleagues) disseminated within your organisation for business purposes. This can include verbal communication, email, texts, handwritten notes, fax, pagers (if you’ve not yet joined us in 2016) or pretty much any other communication channel you care to use.

Employee engagement is essential!

Strong and effective Internal Communication has numerous benefits for a business. When you engage with your employees in a genuine and considered way, it generally leads to much higher levels of morale, increased motivation and cohesion amongst your workforce.

Internal communication should be seen as a continuous internal dialogue with all members of your business, rather than a needs-must approach that would see you sending out a monthly company newsletter. When employees are engaged frequently on company news, goals, campaigns and the like, they are far more likely to feel an affinity for the business and a deeper, more intrinsic connection to the brand. And when internal communication is actually given priority – through crafted campaigns that have some kind of budget and effort – a message that’s tailored to your audience and makes use of channels or media that really speak to your employees – it will, more often than not, result in increased productivity and a happier work environment for all. Who doesn’t want that?

With that said, it is important that your Internal Communication strategy has some actual strategy behind it. It’s essential that you really know your employees and what will resonate with them. It’s not advisable, for instance, to be honest to a fault and share every detail when the business is experiencing a slump – this can lower morale and lead to unhappy staff. Conversely, if you try to spin everything and talk at your ‘minions’ rather than talking to them in a genuine and engaging manner, it can result in cynicism and disillusionment – you should never underestimate the intelligence of your staff, and nobody appreciates being patronised.

Tips for effective Internal Communication:

There are a few key considerations for any Internal communication, as outlined below:

- Ensure honesty and objectivity wherever possible, though it’s ok to avoid the doom and gloom in tough times.

- Communicate regularly, and with a consistent tone and voice

- Be genuine and engage your staff without rhetoric or jargon; level with them

- Be creative. In the same way as your marketing campaigns are designed to engage and delight consumers, always engage and      delight your internal team.

- Know your audience! What are they interested in? What will resonate with them? Which leads to the final point…

- Tailor your message and medium to your audience. There’s no point leaving a desk-drop handwritten note for your sales staff that are never actually at their desks!

If you follow this advice and actually learn to appreciate and engage with your employees on a human level, you’ll find that they respond in kind and, ultimately, your business will thrive as a result.

And if you really want to take your Internal Communication to the next level, whether it’s through an always-on communication strategy or specific, targeted campaigns, you should engage an expert.

Fresh has years of experience crafting and delivering amazing Internal Communications that revolutionise businesses and inspire employees! So when you’re ready for the Freshest Internal Communications, you know where to come.