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12 Oct 2016
SCS to EVORA Rebrand2

A rebrand is never a simple or straightforward decision for any business. There are numerous factors to consider and there’s always an inevitable ripple effect as the results trickle down the internal hierarchy of the business to customers, the general public and all other stakeholders. The fact is, a rebrand isn’t simply updating the way your brand looks or feels – it’s something of a paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of all who interact with the brand. And this is inherently powerful.

Of course, the benefits are similarly numerous. Correctly conceptualised, planned and implemented, a rebrand can give a business a fresh start in a new and better direction.

 Recently we were tasked with leading the rebrand of Sustainable Commercial Solutions, an independent sustainability consultancy and a client with whom we were intimately familiar, having refreshed their original branding and VI when we started working with them three years ago. At that time, SCS’s branding was very typical of a business in their sector, utilising shades of green and earthy, leafy motifs throughout, leaving no uncertainty that they were an environmentally focused, ‘green’ business.

 The brand flourished under this identity and was recognised as a hallmark of quality in the industry, though they remained relatively unknown within the broader market. However, as the nature of commercial sustainability evolved and with new partnerships being established across Europe, SCS decided that there would never be a better time for a rebrand and corresponding shift in the brand’s focus.

 What’s in a colour?

 As Sustainable Commercial Solutions, the brand was operating in the exact same space as most of their competitors with a largely green colour palette and a name focused on sustainability. The name was also long and not particularly memorable.

 The company directors wanted a name and visual properties that were unique, memorable and that would leave no doubt that they are focused on the business of sustainability, recognising that sustainability in the modern age is not only essential from a compliance and regulatory standpoint, but also highly profitable.

 After significant strategic analysis and deliberation, the name EVORA was chosen: a synthesis of the evolution that is taking place in real estate assets at present.

 The new EVORA logo is elegant and understated, evoking the visual metaphor of a floorplan.  At Fresh, we are big fans of logos that are powerful enough to be played with while still being recognisable, and the floor plan E can be deconstructed and the elements used individually to hold headlines, quotes or images.

 The imagery, fonts, and textures have made a conscious shift from the green, natural style to blue (finance) and construction-inspired motifs and materials, from steel and concrete to glass and wood, further entrenching the visual style and new direction for the brand.

 The new branding also makes use of a muted, sophisticated colour palette, which consists of ‘Sky’, ‘Earth’, ‘Steel’ and ‘Navy’ shades, subtly marrying the environmental origins of the brand with the business-focused direction.

 The brand toolkit contains lots of suggestions and very few rules: the logo can appear in any of the primary colours, and can be placed over photography, construction textures like concrete, wood and steel – it encourages creativity at every level.

 EVORA’s unique sustainability software, SIERA, has received the same visual makeover, in line with the rest of the rebrand.

 The new logo was launched on Monday 3 October with a complete refresh of their website, on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and with a new brochure, which you can download here.

 A successful shift

 EVORA’s rebrand has been extremely well received by stakeholders within the business and without. This shows the importance of clearly outlining and understanding the intentions of a rebrand before planning and implementing it. EVORA did exactly this, whilst working with us to ensure the rebrand was nothing less than Fresh!

 We will continue to fondly monitor the growth and prosperity of EVORA and work closely with them as their brand continues to evolve and define the future of business sustainability.

Russ Avery, Marketing Director at EVORA, said:

“The team at Fresh were an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of creative agencies and never before has the first round of visual proofs been so in line with the brief provided. Even though I had a very clear idea of the direction I wanted the brand to take, it’s rare to end up with what I had in my mind’s eye so quickly.

 We’ve now got a brand identity that evokes the professional side of sustainability, which is consistent across all channels, and which is already “wowing” our clients and prospects. And that’s only after a week! We’re just scratching the surface of the new visuals in terms of how flexible they are.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fresh to any business looking to Freshen up their brand!”

 If you feel like your business is in need of a rebrand, get in touch with us today to find out how we can give your brand a Fresh approach!